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3 Tips for Getting Purchasing Management Experience

When you are looking for a purchasing management job, it can sometimes be frustrating to hear that you need experience but since you are new to the field of purchasing management you don’t have any experience yet. How do you get experience in the field if you are new to the field and no one will hire you without experience? Almost every job seeker has come across this Catch 22 situation.

If you are in need of some experience for your next purchasing management interview, or to include on your resume, you may want to consider these options.

  • Volunteer for a not-for-profit organization.  Many organizations will love to have the assistance of a knowledgeable, educated person, such as yourself, working for them for free and it will look great on your resume.
  • Work as an intern at a purchasing management company.  This will help you get valuable and relevant experience to include on your resume and talk about in your interview.
  • Get or highlight experience that is similar to that of an individual who works in the purchasing management field.  This means that you may have to be a little more creative but you can still spin the experience in an interview or on a resume appropriately to reflect a skill that a potential company is looking for.

There are many ways to gain experience in the purchasing management field.  You may just have to be a little creative or work a little harder to get it in the beginning.  But, in the end, it will all be worth it when you are finally offered the job you have been hoping for.

Ways to Gain Experience in Purchasing Management

Whether you are just staring out or are looking to make a career move, gaining valuable experience in the purchasing management field can be one of the best ways to put yourself ahead of other job applicants vying for the few jobs that are available today. However, gaining valuable experience can be difficult if you are not presently working in the field or if you feel that your current job is stagnant. Below are some innovative ways to gain experience in your field.

One way to gain experience as a purchasing manager is to volunteer to work in the field. If there are service organizations that are looking for volunteers you can gain valuable experience for your resume by volunteering with the group. This can be one way to build your resume even while you are working in a field other than purchasing management or even as a student.

You can also get excellent experience by taking on a part time or temporary job in purchasing management. Many times you will find temporary jobs or part time jobs that will give you experience in your field even though you do not have a lot of professional experience already. Temporary agencies are a great place for you to gain some purchasing management experience.

The best thing to remember is that experience and education within the field should be highlighted concisely on your cover letter no matter how you gain the experience. Experience is experience no matter how you receive it. Therefore gain any and all experience that you can. If you are flexible in how you gain the experience you may be surprised at how much it can help you when looking for your next purchasing management job.

Want to Get Trained in Purchasing Management?  If you are looking to learn more about and complete training on purchasing management make sure you check out our self-paced purchasing management certification called the Purchasing Management Expert (PME).

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