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Purchasing Management Can Be Stressful – How to Relax at Work

There are stressful times in every job and purchasing management is no different. With a continued pull for your time in every direction from meeting to networking, you may find that you feel stressed regularly to get everything done. Being a professional in the field of purchasing management, you will find that you need to push on, no matter how stressed you are feeling.

Though everyone experiences stress differently, finding some basic techniques to help you relax and de-stress is the best way to handle work stress.  Below are some common techniques that can be helpful to everyone to try and relax a little when feeling over-stressed at work.

  • Take Time to Work-Out – Exercise is the best stress reliever there is. You will likely find that if you exercise, no matter how much or little you exercise, getting just 15 minutes a day can make all the different in your health and energy level. The time can give you a chance to feel better and relieve work stress.  Consider using your lunch hour to workout or take the stairs at work when moving between floors. At the very least, spend time a few days a week getting outside and walking around the block or even the halls in your building in in-climate weather.
  • Take Time to Focus on your Breathing/Meditate – If you are feeling exceptionally stressed, take a time out, focus on your breathing, and clear your head. Let the things that are stressing you out stop running through your head. Find a place that is quiet or simply close your eyes at your desk for 5 minutes and breathe in and out slowly, thinking about your breathing, counting your breaths to keep your mind focused on your breathing and not what you are stressed about. Clearing your mind, just for a few minutes, can help you refocus on the situation at hand and help you relieve some of your stress level.
  • Take a Minute to Get Some Fresh Air – Fresh air can do wonders for your stress level, no matter what season it is.  If you find yourself feeling stressed, take a break and go outside and get some air. You will find that it can be rejuvenating and you may find that you are able to refocus much better. Even if you cannot exercise, just getting outside and breathing some fresh air can be fulfilling.

Purchasing management can be a stressful job at times. Taking the time to relax and refocus each day at work can be very helpful. Using one or some of these techniques can be very helpful in reducing your stress level, helping you stay focused and keep yourself productive in purchasing management.

Ways to De-Stress as a Purchasing Manager

Being a purchasing manager can be stressful at time. Meetings, deadlines, professional relationships, and customer service can lead to additional workplace stresses. As a professional, you will frequently have to continue working even under stressful conditions. That is why it is imperative to have some techniques to de-stress so you can focus on your work and meet deadlines to your best ability without letting stress take over your day.

Everyone de-stresses differently. If you do not know how you handle stress and what the best ways for you to relax and refocus is, you may want to try some of the common techniques that other’s use and see if they work for you.

Some common ways professionals in the purchasing management field relax and refocus are:

• Exercise – even getting a little movement added to your day can benefit your mental state; try walking around your building or up and down the stairwell a few times

• Breathe – take a minute to focus on your breathing and clear your head. Find a place where it is quiet or close your door for five minutes and breathe in and out slowly, counting your breaths. This helps you clear your mind and relax.

• Get some fresh air – walk out of your building and get some fresh air. Even in the winter, a few minutes of fresh air can really rejuvenate and let you get back to your job refocused. Take a 5 minute walk around your building or the parking lot if you can. You will feel much better.

Doing one of these things or finding something that works for you can make you more productive in the end. Making sure you take a minute to de-stress during your day can make you a more productive purchasing manager.

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